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Stunning3D-sketches by Alessandro Diddi

‘All you need is a pencil and something to draw on, and you can create something really magical’. This is the way Italian artist, Alessandro Diddi, would put it, or would describe what he does. He creates simple, yet fascinating 3D-sketches, tricking the human eye and mind into believing random inanimate sketches have come to live. Seemingly effortless, Alessandro Diddi, manages to let his sketches pop out of a piece of paper underlining the three dimensional effect by ‘interacting’ with his drawings.


live to ride

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Funny Stuff you like?

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Effects of different drugs

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In China, various turtles and fish are sold alive in small plastic bags as phone charms / key chains. The bags are sealed completely, and the customers are informed that the animal will live for several months. Sadly, this isn’t true and they’re likely to expire within a few hours due to a lack of oxygen. The sealed bag prevents new air from entering the water so the animals can breathe properly, ultimately resulting in death by suffocation. Not to mention that being jerked around and being disrupted by the constant vibrations of every day travel is not good for fish, who are already extremely sensitive to things like that.

This is truly appalling. While the vendors are unlikely to be on Facebook (mostly because Facebook is banned in China) they are selling to tourists and travellers — please make sure you’re never tempted to buy ANYTHING like this as a souvenir and spread the information to your friends.

On my way to steal your girl

Nike Air Jordan III Retro ‘Black Cement’ (by blackbi1rd)